SAJA Internships

SAJA's Internship Program is designed to improve opportunities for journalism students to participate and learn from on-the-job training programs and on-site internships.  The program is designed to support candidates who have already secured internships but need supplemental income during the internship period.  Applications are generally evaluated based on financial need.

The number of awards and individual amounts may vary from year to year and are based on a number of factors including:

  • general employment market conditions
  • specific locations where the interns are expected to live and work
  • internship payments offered by employers and 
  • the cost of living at those locations.


Current undergraduate or graduate level students enrolled in North America in an accredited college or university who secure an internship with a news organization in the United States.

The program is open to applicants of South Asian descent and others focused on covering South Asia or the diaspora.

Candidates are required to provide a letter from the organization offering internship stating the terms of the internship, including the start and end dates and the amount of compensation, if any.  Candidates may also be required to provide personal financial information to demonstrate financial need.  Work samples demonstrating interest in journalism and/or South Asia may also be required.  Applicants may be interviewed by phone or in person by a member of the internship committee. 

Immediate relatives of SAJA Board members and judges are INELIGIBLE to apply.  Also, the internship cannot result in any direct or indirect benefit to the candidate's family members.

On completion of their internships, recipients are expected to contribute to SAJA, for example, by volunteering at SAJA's events, promoting SAJA's mission, membership drives and donation requests via social media.  

Award Process

The internship amounts are usually paid in two installments, at the start of the internship and upon the completion of the internship.  Payment of the second installment is conditional upon the grantee providing a written documentation from the employer of the satisfactory completion of the internship.


The program is usually announced in March/April with awards announced in May.


Those selected to receive internship awards will be required to provide the following information / documents to SAJA prior to being entitled to receive the internship amounts:

(a)  U.S. Postal address; (b) name, address and account number and other details of a US Dollar bank account at a bank branch located in the United States to which the internship amount may be sent; (c) U.S. Treasury Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN

Failure to provide any of the above information / documents on a timely basis could result in revocation of the internship.  Each internship recipient must consult her/his own tax advisor on the extent, if any, to which the internship amount may be taxable by any of the tax jurisdiction to which she/he may be subject to.  SAJA does not make any representation as to the taxability or non-taxability of the internship amount. All internship amounts will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States government.  Internship recipients will be provided a Form 1099.

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