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Volunteering with SAJA

SAJA is run entirely by volunteers. We have no paid employees. Board members are also volunteers. We rely on SAJA members to help us with organizing events and accomplishing our mission.

In the past, we have had volunteers assemble goodie bags, greet speakers and run the registration desk at our convention.

We ask that volunteers help out in whatever way they can. We are happy to train volunteers and ask that you be committed to the task you take on. Be honest with yourself about the time you can devote to SAJA and let us know what you can help with.

Volunteers can serve as judges for many of the awards and scholarships given by SAJA. They may also help in tasks like organizing SAJA Comes to You events throughout the country, as well as other tasks include updating the member database and job listings.

Easy ways to volunteer

  1. Update your member profile listing (Be sure become a member first!) the ways you would like to help out SAJA. When we have projects, we will reach out to you
  2. Send an email to

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