Dear SAJA family,

Journalism, journalists and the entire industry are struggling with challenges on several fronts. 

SAJA has been helping through scholarships and internships and fellowship awards, offering financial support to young journalists along with networking and mentoring opportunities. 

We are an all-volunteer Board with no rent or salary expenses.  This helps in channeling most of your donations towards our mission.

Last year SAJA funding enabled independent journalist Fatima Bhojani to attend the Aspen Security Forum, which brings together national security experts and practitioners. 

Journalist Pavni Mittal participated in a conference at Yale University which helped her streamline her career goals while for New York University student Padmini Parthasarathy, SAJA funding has positioned her to continue working as an independent journalist. 

“Thanks to the SAJA grant,” says journalist Aisha Sultan, “I was able to offset production costs for a live-action short film I wrote and produced.”

We trust you will continue to support good journalism by donating to SAJA today.  If you haven't made a donation to support SAJA's work this year, please consider doing so -- every dollar goes to support our programming, scholarships and fellowships.

No amount is too small. 

If you haven't signed up or renewed your membership (just$40 for journalists; $40 for non-journalists; $20 for students), please do so now.

We're planning a great 2018 line-up of events, see you soon!

Best wishes, SAJA Board

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