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    • 2022-12-19
    • 6:30 PM

    NOVEMBER 18, 2022


    ("SAJA")The Board of Directors of SAJA hereby gives notice that the Annual Meeting of Full Members of SAJA will take place on Monday, December 19, 2022 virtually via Zoom.

    All Full Members of SAJA are invited to attend and participate.

    Associate Members, Student Members, Non-members and other SAJA supporters are also invited to attend the Annual Meeting but cannot vote at the meeting. Agenda for the meeting:

    (1) Report on the activities of SAJA in 2022;
    (2) Presentation of the annual financial report;
    (3) Presentation of the annual Members Report; 
    (4) Election to fill in the six vacancies on SAJA's Board; and
    (5) Other matters, if any, duly presented to Full Members at the Annual Meeting.

    With respect to the election of Board Members to fill in the six vacancies scheduled to occur at the end of 2022, Full Members are eligible to contest for these slots. 

    Contestants must submit their candidacy statements by November 30, 2022 by filling out a form posted at the SAJA website. A list of candidates and their candidacy statements and information on the candidates will be posted on SAJA's website prior to the Annual Meeting. 

    Voting will be online (via SAJA website.)

    At the Annual Meeting, the votes for the candidates will be tallied and the elected candidates will be announced.

    Board of Directors of SAJA

Past events

2021-11-16 SAJA Board Elections 2021
2021-11-16 SAJA Annual Members Meeting 2021
2020-11-17 SAJA Board Elections 2020
2020-04-06 Book Talk with Alex Kantrowitz
2019-11-18 SAJA Board Elections 2019
2019-10-05 SAJA celebrates 25! 2019 SAJA Conference and Awards Ceremony
2019-05-08 Current Issues in the First Amendment
2019-05-01 Book Talk: Beating the Algorithms Controlling Your Life
2019-02-28 Fireside Chat with Fast Company EIC
2018-11-27 SAJA 2018 Holiday Party!
2018-11-16 SAJA Board Elections 2018
2018-10-06 2018 SAJA Journalism Awards Ceremony
2018-05-09 SAJA Comes to NBC News/MSNBC
2018-03-29 Book talk with Liz Flock and Suketu Mehta
2018-03-23 SAJA Comes to Bloomberg
2017-12-18 SAJA 2017 Holiday Party!
2017-09-16 2017 SAJA Journalism Awards and Job Fair
2017-06-02 SAJA Comes to ABC News
2017-05-11 Arun Venugopal on the Kansas shooting
2017-03-22 SAJA Chai Chat NYC: Journalism & the current climate
2016-12-08 SAJA 2016 Holiday Party at Pondicheri!
2016-12-08 SAJA 2016 General Board Meeting
2016-11-22 VOTE: SAJA Elections
2016-11-02 Conversation & Cocktails: Monica Bhide
2016-10-06 Time Inc. Mixer and Panel Discussion: Election 2016
2016-09-29 Boyhoods: Hirsh Sawhney and Akhil Sharma in conversation with Mythili Rao
2016-09-26 Book Event: "Six Degrees of Education" - Changing Careers and More.
2016-07-16 SAJA 2016 Journalism Awards Dinner
2016-06-15 SAJA Iftar 2016
2016-05-05 SAJA Visits Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal
2016-02-23 Get your Profile Reviewed by Contently
2016-01-19 Anjan Sundaram's "Bad News"
2015-12-08 SAJA Holiday Party with Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna
2015-11-30 SAJA Elections 2016
2015-11-17 SAJA Resume Critique Session
2015-11-06 SAJA EXCLUSIVE Access inside Bloomberg News
2015-10-03 2015 SAJA Gala & Awards Ceremony
2015-06-24 SAJA 2015 Iftar
2015-06-07 Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi - screening and discussion
2015-04-10 SAJA Bollywood-style Workout & Mixer with Doonya
2015-04-08 SAJA Panel Discussion on Entrepreneurial Journalism
2015-03-31 NYC PANEL EVENT: Q+A with CBS News Executives
2015-03-16 Red Bangle Award Ceremony
2015-03-06 TDas Awards at Metropolitan Museum
2015-02-23 Meet Author Mohsin Hamid (Discount for SAJA members)
2015-01-31 SAJA Panel - On-Camera: South Asian Women Reporters
2015-01-30 Serial: What Rabia Chaudry Knows
2014-12-12 SAJA Holiday Party, Annual Members Meeting, & Election with Aasif Mandvi.
2014-12-01 SAJA Elections 2015-2016
2014-10-11 2014 SAJA Convention
2014-09-25 SAJA Reporting Panel @ The New York Times
2014-07-08 SAJA Ifthar - 2014
2014-05-12 The True American at Asia Society
2014-05-02 SAJA Comes to Bloomberg News
2014-04-03 SAJA Online Writing Workshop @CNN NY
2014-04-03 SAJA Boston Happy Hour
2014-03-06 All You Need to Know About the NY Health Insurance Exchange
2014-02-25 All You Need to Know About the NY Health Insurance Exchange
2014-02-04 "India's Vote" Discussion With SAJA & Asia Society
2014-01-16 SAJA-NYC: Desis, South Asians and the Rest of Them
2013-12-05 SAJA-NYC: Annual Members Meeting, Election & Holiday Party
2013-12-05 SAJA-DC: Holiday Party
2013-11-20 SAJA Comes to CNN NY
2013-11-17 SAJA Board Elections 2014-15
2013-10-26 Exploring Journalism's New Frontiers
2013-10-17 SAJA Comes to CNN D.C. (Students Only)
2013-10-05 2013 SAJA Awards Dinner and Gala
2013-09-26 SAJA Comes to CBS News
2013-09-12 SAJA/Imran Qureshi's Exhibit@MET Museum
2013-09-05 SAJA D.C. Happy Hour
2013-08-23 SAJA/AAJA Career Fair & Expo - Friday Aug 23
2013-06-19 SAJA Summer Mixer
2013-05-31 SAJA Comes to ABC News
2013-05-15 SAJA D.C. Spring Mixer
2013-04-18 SAJA Comes to Bloomberg News
2013-04-09 SAJA & Contently's Portfolio Review for Freelance Writers & Bloggers
2013-04-07 SAJA 2013 Internship Fund
2013-03-26 SAJA/AAJA/APEX March Mixer
2013-02-27 SAJA Mid-Winter Media Mixer with the Deadline Club
2013-02-07 "Meet the 2013 SAJA Board Mixer" in NYC on Thursday Feb 7th
2013-02-03 SAJA-SAMMA Super Bowl Webcast
2013-01-29 A Conversation With ANG LEE AND DAVID MAGEE
2012-12-17 SAJA-DC: Holiday Party & Meet Your Board
2012-12-04 SAJA Holiday Party
2012-11-27 SAJA@Work: Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal
2012-11-18 SAJA Board Elections 2013-14
2012-10-24 SAJA Mentoring/Resume Critique
2012-10-04 An evening with Tarun Tejpal, author of "The Story of my Assassins"
2012-10-02 A panel discussion on Supply and Demand: Migration, Trafficking and the Private Sector
2012-07-14 2012 SAJA Awards Dinner and Gala
2012-07-14 2012 SAJA Awards Dinner and Gala: Complimentary Registration
2012-06-23 SAJA-DC: Happy Hour
2012-06-07 SAJA-NYC: Book Launch and Talk with Vijay Prashad
2012-06-03 SAJA 2012 Internship Fund
2012-06-02 SAJA-Atlanta: Panel/Mixer @CNN Center
2012-05-21 SAJA-Boston: Mixer with JAWS
2012-05-10 SAJA-TO: Rebranding Ethnic Conflict: Sri Lanka 2009
2012-05-09 SAJA-TO: Samadhana 2012
2012-04-30 Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry with Tejaswini Ganti
2012-04-25 SAJA-DC: Happy Hour
2012-04-10 SAJA-NYC: Reception for Pakistani/Pakistani-American Journalists
2012-04-01 SAJA-SF: Meetup and Mixer
2012-04-01 SAJA-SF: Social Media One-Night Stand presented by Columbia Journalism Continuing Education
2012-03-27 SAJA-NYC: Advanced Social Media Workshop for Journalists and Professionals
2012-03-22 SAJA-DC: Book Reading and Chat // “Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi” with NPR’s Steve Inskeep
2012-03-22 SAJA-NYC: Meet the Board Mixer
2012-03-22 SAJA-NYC: SAJA@Work with Bloomberg News
2012-03-18 SAJA-TO: Meetup with Journalist Salil Tripathi
2012-03-15 Co-sponsored by SAJA-NYC: A Conversation with Akash Kapur at the Asia Society
2012-03-09 SAJA-NYC: Book Launch // "Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay's Dance Bars" with Sonia Faleiro
2012-03-07 SAJA-NYC: India Trailer // A Talk by Mumbai Film Curator and Journalist Meenakshi Shedde
2012-02-29 View from the Top: Senior editors discuss today's journalism
2012-02-15 "Love, Inshallah" - A Discussion with the Creators and Writers
2012-01-25 @NYTIndia: Behind the Scenes with India Ink
2011-12-13 SAJA at the MET: Gallery Tour and Panel Discussion
2011-12-08 SAJA Holiday Party
2011-11-29 SAJA @ Work : DJ/WSJ
2011-11-13 SAJA Board Elections 2012-13
2011-11-03 SAJA NYC Happy Hour Nov. 3
2011-11-03 SAJA Boston Happy Hour Nov. 3
2011-11-03 SAJA DC Happy Hour Nov. 3
2011-10-14 Meet Imran Khan & Bobby Ghosh
2011-06-18 SAJA Convention & Gala - Recruiter Registration
2011-06-17 SAJA Convention & Awards Gala - Comp Registration
2011-06-17 SAJA Convention & Awards Gala
2011-03-25 BOOK CONVERSATION: "Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking Over the World"
2011-03-03 SAJA NYC Mixer Thurs March 3rd
2011-02-22 WEBCAST: New Yorker's Jon Lee Anderson on SAJA Lanka Briefing #5: 9-9:45 a.m EST
2011-02-10 WEBCAST: Parag Khanna on "How to Rule the World
2011-02-08 WEBCAST: Desis & the Grammys
2011-02-06 WEBCAST: SAJA Super Bowl Sunday
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