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AAWW: Job openings in programming/development & Space for writers

  • 2011-03-01 6:17 PM
    Message # 535741
    We're hiring at The Asian American Writers' Workshop. We're looking
    for bright energetic people interested in working at in a cool,
    friendly, socially progressive, intellectual arts space. Here are
    links to the job descriptions and application forms:

    PART-TIME PROGRAM DIRECTOR http://www.aaww.org/programmer
    PART-TIME DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE http://www.aaww.org/development

    Please forward to anyone you think might be interested. I won't be
    able to handle direct questions, which should go to
    aawwcareers@gmail.com. Both of these are really exciting positions for
    anyone who wants to be involved in the literary life of New York at
    the nonprofit that held Jhumpa Lahiri's first and only book party,
    curated panels on nerds and superheroes at the first ever Asian
    American ComiCon, and enlisted Salman Rushdie, Russell Banks, Sandra
    Cisneros, and more than other 300 writers to agree to boycott
    Arizona's anti-immigrant crackdown.
    And, incidentally, we're still renting out desk space for writers and
    general space for book parties and other events. If you know anyone
    looking for a desk space, we have a few spots left in our writer gym
    (http://aaww.org/writergym/). Our current space includes a beginning
    screenwriter, a PW-reviewed novelist with three books, an emerging
    one-book poet, and an international filmmaker. The desks look great
    and have sunlight, WIFI, dedicated spaces, lockers, and more. Also, if
    you know anyone looking to hold a book party, seminar, workshop, or a
    conference, we are still renting out space rentals:
    Ken Chen

    Executive Director, The Asian American Writers' Workshop
    110-112 W. 27th Street, Sixth Floor, NY, NY 10001
    212.494.0061 tel.
    212.494.0062 fax
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