Announcing the 2018 SRF Winners! 

SAJA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 reporting fellowship. This program is aimed at promoting a rare element in 24/7-news-cycle journalism -- in-depth and follow-up reporting on major events relating to South Asia or South Asians, long after the breaking-news crews have moved on.

Suman Naishadham will cover a project on female genital mutilation issues in the US. 

Jennifer Chowdhury will focus her fellowship on women activists in Rohingya refugee camps.

Wajeeha Malik and Shakeeb Asrar will research and cover a project on law reform in Pakistan's tribal areas. 

SAJA thanks its generous sponsors, our keynote and panel speakers, the staff of the National Press Club and our proud supporters for making the 2018 awards ceremony a success! 

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