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Where Journalism intersects with South Asia... A Network for Education, Inspiration and Training... Upgrading South Asia coverage... Uplifting journalism standards.

SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association, is one of the most dynamic journalism organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in March 1994 with 18 members, today it connects and serves more than 1,000 journalists at news outlets, big and small.

SAJA has members spread across North America and active chapters in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Toronto. It is headquartered at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

SAJA serves as a networking and resource forum for journalists of South Asian origin as well as for journalists and others interested in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora. Its mission includes acting as a resource to promote accurate coverage of South Asia and the diaspora.

To achieve SAJA’s mission more effectively, in 2003, SAJA helped in the formation of SAJA Group, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and jointly they execute SAJA programming and events.

Over the years, SAJA has given out more than $200,000 in scholarships and fellowships.

All of this SAJA does with NO paid staff. Its volunteers - from the elected board to chapter coordinators to individuals helping with various events - make SAJA possible. Also critical to its success: its many supporters. As a tiny nonprofit, it depends on members, friends and companies to donate money for its various activities. You can contribute by making a donation at http://bit.ly/sajadonation (or by check payments).

Another way to support SAJA is to become a paid member.


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