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  • Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:35 PM
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    For More Information and Application, click here: http://medcitynews.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/job-details/820997

    Posted on March 19, 2013
    Located: Cleveland, OH
    Full Time

    MedCity Media is seeking a WordPress savvy, SEO-minded Wire Editor to manage third-party content and recruit new contributors to MedCityNews.com. The editor would choose stories from existing contributors; publish these items; write headlines and other SEO-related meta; do minor editing for style; and select photos. Knowledge of the business side of healthcare is a MAJOR advantage, as is experience working in journalism and a digital media environment.

    There is no geographic requirement and the job will include health insurance, among other benefits.

    The wire editor will learn and understand MedCity News unique approach to our B2B audience. Nearly a half-million healthcare business leaders come to MedCityNews.com to read our unique mix of news, analysis and opinion that gives them insight into how healthcare is changing and where innovation is happening. Our audience includes investors, entrepreneurs, and healthcare executives who are looking for advanced information to make the best strategic decisions.

    In addition to publishing syndicated content, the wire editor will spend time every week recruiting new contributors. This includes monitoring the web for great content, asking bloggers for permission to reprint existing columns, as well as asking people to become regular contributors on MedCityNews.com.

    There is room for advancement. Additional duties can be added as time allows.

    The wire editor will report to the editor in chief and work directly with her on priorities and daily tasks.

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