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Volunteer/Intern/Part-Time Roles in New Media & Others

  • 2011-03-16 6:33 PM
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    Volunteer or Paid flexi hour, flexi location part-time internship or jobs
    Smart, energetic, driven and innovative people with a passion to change the world
    Helping run operations and scaling our non-profit start-up
    Volunteer roles and titles can be chosen per your experience
    VP,Director,Manager, Volunteer, Intern etc. Will give it structure later. These roles might become paid roles in few weeks or months the organization grows

    Immediate Roles:
    CTO (Chief Talent Officer): Closed)
    Virtual Assistant: Manage the calendar ( appointments, events, meetings)
    Research: people, orgs, events, idea and networks
    Social Media : manage Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other web presence

    Access to Internet & Cell
    Web Savy or can be trained
    Social Media Expertise will be preferred
    Age/Sex not a barrier but college students or recent graduates will be preferred
    Newport, Jersey City or Manhattan preferred for US roles
    Patna and Bihar preferred for global roles
    Access to public transport PATH/NJ Transit, MTA is preferred for US roles
    India roles will prefer easy access to West Borning Canal Road (Anandpuri), Patna
    Roles in most major cities of world and also rural areas
    Online roles can be anywhere in world

    Work from home, flexible hours
    Will be paid for expenses on actual (with prior approval)
    Opportunities to network with world class people that may convert in paid jobs
    Stipend opportunities available in few cases

    Other areas where we need leaders are
    a) Social Media Lead (FB/Twitter/YouTube/Blogs etc)
    b) Publications (Magzine/Newsletters etc)
    d) Media & PR (Traditional & Social Media Relationships)
    e) Finance & Accounting (Record to Report Infrastructure)
    f) IT Infrastructure (Storage,Security,Communication)
    g) Website, Blogs etc
    g) Philanthropy
    h) Events ( Social and Professional - Bihar Day, Holi, Magazine Launch, Patna Marathon

    i) Awards & Recognition ( Youth Icon, Entrepreneurship, Sports etc)
    j) Legal (US,India and global)
    k) Webmaster / SEO
    l) Consulting (Non-profit consulting etc)
    m) Design (Org design, Graphic Design etc)
    n) Networks and Partnership (AIF, Asia Society, TIE,TED etc)
    o) Bihar Entrepreneurship Network (BEN)
    p) Youth &/Or Students and Kids (Education, Culture, Sports)
    q) Girls/Women Issues (Empowerment)
    r) Branding (Creative Logo, Slogan and other branding efforts)
    s) Think Tank
    t) Media (Youtube channels, TV Channels)
    u) Training & Knowledge Management
    v) Content Creation (Youtube, Picassa, Flickr, Mashup etc)

    About Bihar Society
    Bihar Society pitch

    Bihar Society is a global org/forum/network to inspire greater engagement between Bihar and rest of the world. Bihar Society views the revival of Bihar as an active participant in global processes as the natural fulfilment of various  Indian identities. It seeks to foster intellectual inquiry, cultural understanding and social awareness about issues that confront Bihar today. Bihar Society will seek to combine existing traditions, both local, Indian and foreign, with newer developments in economics, politics, law and the sciences to strengthen fundamental rights and
    personal liberties

    2011 Goals (proposed)
    1. Bihar Day celebration in major cities Globally with significant Bihari population
    2. Publish a magazine/webzine every quarter starting Jan'2011
    3. Patna Marathon in 2011
    4. Promote Bihari Films/Media/Music via supporting  events at major cities (At least 3 major products/personalities)
    5. Global Investor and Networking Meet to promote investment in Bihar
    6. Health Camps, Civic Sense, Employability training projects
    7. Global Launch of English Edition of "Gauravshali Bihar" (गौरवशाली बिहार)

    2012 Goals (proposed)
    1. Global Bihar Meet (Trade/Commerce, Tourism. Agri-business, Energy etc in 3 global cities NYC/London/Singapore and via livestream in major cities of India and world
    2. Establish endowment fund for sponsoring scholarship for Bihari students in major universities of India and World
    3. Connect all Bihar related local communities globally (at country level and city level)
    4. BEN (Bihar Entrepreneurship Network) on the lines of Tie/Tedx as a standalone or in partnership with Tie/Ted/Nasscom

    2013 Goals
    1. TBD

    Long Term Goals
    1. Bihar Welcome & Support Centre with low priced guest house in major cities that are port of entry of  migrant population
    2. Bihar themed museum/art/culture/painting/music centre in major cities

    About IIM Society (IIM = Indian Institute of Management)
    Charter of IIM Alumni Society (Draft)
    1. Networking Platforms via web-based networks and also social and professional events in various cities of the world
    2. Strengthening IIM Brand & Increasing the footprint in mainstream via pro-active PR & more engagement with Media
    3. Entrepreneurship support via helping Connect Ideas with Talent, Capital, Expertise and partner organisations like Tie, Nasscom, AIF and others
    4. Social Events in respective cities to integrate the alumni and family together
    5. Think Tank & Publications on major management issues ranging from World peace, Environment, Poverty, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Compassionate Capitalism, Philanthropy, Future of Work, Globalization
    6. Career Support System for current students, Alumni seeking change of location,roles, industry, career path
    7. Support System for alumni and family relocating to a new city/country
    8. Philanthropy / Giving back to causes and institutions in India, IIMs, Alumni and the local community wherever we are
    9. Contributing to our respective IIM fund raising to become self-financing and upgrading infrastructure (soft and hard). Target is $100b by 2020

    Some projects that we are working to develop
    1. Global Newsletter / Webzine within 30 days
    2. Global Conference within 1 year
    3. Global Placement Assitance Center
    4. Global Relocation Assistance (spouses/family etc)
    5. Research Publications

    Related Information or Links
    Vibrant Gujarat
    Bihar Society pitch

    Please share a URL (google doc or linkedin or facebook profile). Profile should have (besides Phone number), Skype/Gtalk id. Of course candidates with a twitter/ facebook/ quora/ linkedin /gist id will get preference,

    e.g. see below profile

    Atul Kumar

    +1 203.987.4452, Web Id: atultech (FB/Twitter/Gist/Skype/Gtalk)

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