Assistant Professor, Digital Public Relations and Media Advocacy, Northeastern University

  • Thursday, October 04, 2018 2:44 PM
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    The School of Journalism at Northeastern University invites applicants to apply for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Digital Public Relations and Media Advocacy.

    We seek applicants with a strong interest in inclusive, dynamic, interdisciplinary programs that straddle the intersection of journalism, law, business, communication studies, and public policy. The position will offer opportunities to collaborate with leading faculty in all of these fields in order to expand opportunities for student learning, practice, and employment; foster a diverse and powerful intellectual environment; and produce distinctive research.

    The ideal candidate will have a passion for creating and studying social change and effective messaging as well as knowledge of the digital tools needed to create such change.

    We seek candidates who can work across disciplines and are interested in joining a vibrant urban campus in one of the world’s premier academic and media hubs. The individual filling this position should be open to creating and leading interdisciplinary courses.
    This position reflects our school’s commitment to understanding and enhancing the effectiveness of Digital Public Relations and Media Advocacy as it relates to public policy, politics, civil society, the business world, and nonprofit organizations. The digital tools and platforms that are disrupting and remaking journalism are also transforming messaging, public relations, and advocacy: digital storytelling, social media, data visualization, data mining, and data analytics.

    Our school’s classes in Digital Public Relations and our program in Media Advocacy, administered in cooperation with the School of Law, aim to train the next generation of business and nonprofit communications leaders and advocates to tell their stories more effectively, build dynamic civic networks of citizen and professional advocates, expand common ground, and encourage fact-based debate. The successful candidate will teach graduate and undergraduate courses and be open to creating and leading interdisciplinary courses

    Northeastern’s commitment to experiential learning gives students opportunities to apply their classroom learning in professional settings and then use what they learn during their placements to deepen and enrich their classroom experience. Synergy with our graduate programs in Media Innovation and Media Advocacy opens up opportunities for extended learning, research, and partnerships with industry, media newsrooms, and nonprofits.

    Successful candidates will have a terminal degree for journalism by the appointment date. This is defined for this position as a master’s degree relevant to the track record of professional experience, most commonly in media, journalism, communications, law, or business or in a related field. In addition, the ideal applicant will have a distinguished record and/or thought-leadership in media, communications, and advocacy that marks them as innovators and pacesetters. Persons with more advanced standing in their field are also encouraged to apply.

    If interested, please go to

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